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Silver, Strong & Slender - fitness in the third age

Weight bearing exercise for women in the third age is vital for maintaining bone density and combating osteoporosis. In the traditions of Ayurveda the benefits of breaking a sweat daily are recognised as helping to invigorate the inner agni, and bring balance to the hormonal system. Our courses translate this ancient wisdom into a modern context and we incorporate the option of contemporary fitness into the syllabus.

Helen Milton-Symes is a personal trainer who has specialised in offering predominately women, coaching in achieving extraordinary goals.

This is a 20 minute session (plus warm-up and cool-down), designed with women in their third age in mind. Whole body workout specifically targeting upper arms, legs and bottom and abs. Builds muscle strength to help develop bone mass and combat osteoporosis. No weights required but if you can grab a couple of cans (beans or similar) that will be ideal for one of the arm exercises.

Helen can be contacted through her instagram account @helensportybird for details about her training opportunities and can currently be found in the land of Zoom for PT training sessions online. The meeting and password can be seen in the top right hand corner of the image below. Enjoy. x

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