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The Wellness Professionals & Therapists

At Island School of Yoga, all our colleagues and health specialists are certified experts in their diverse and respective fields, and are dedicated to the holistic health and wellness of each one of our clients.


Senior Yoga Teacher

Emma Spencer-Goodier is the founder of the Island School of Yoga and Senior Yoga Teacher with the YAPUK and the IYN. She walks a passionate path of service to share, teach, heal and empower people through yoga asana, pranayama, mediation and evidence-based complementing therapies. She is a yogini, a teacher, a healer, a coach, a mentor, an athlete, an adventurer, a columnist and a passionate  lover of life.

Emma has taught yoga classes on the Isle of Wight for over 20 years, she delivers specialist classes for athletes around the country and she continues to offer her life changing yoga retreats around the world.

Helen Lambert.png


Registered Nutritional Therapist

Helen Lambert lectures and holds bespoke consultations on our yoga teacher teacher training and on Radiance, our course for embracing midlife. She writes...
"I am passionate about the pivotal role of nutrition in optimising our health and happiness for the long term. What we choose to eat matters. Midlife is a time of hormonal instability and change which may trigger many health challenges but great nutrition can make a real difference. I will bring you the most relevant nutritional science alongside practical recommendations and food ideas that you can implement right away. I like to keep things simple, accessible and, most importantly, fun.'

Dr. Fiona Kennedy.jpg


Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Fiona is an award winning clinician, a best selling author, a researcher, and the founder of Greenwood Mentors Ltd. Ever curious, together we have been studying and exploring the parallels and cross overs where the ancient teachings of yoga practice are illuminated in modern psychology research and therapies. As well as her extensive research into recovery from trauma and childhood adversity she spends her winters in India doing pro-bono work with children from slums.



Consultant in Contraception & Menopause Specialist

Tina believes that women deserve to have clear, accurate information that will help them to make important choices, whether it is about their contraception or about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Their choices now can impact positively or negatively on their quality of life and future health and happiness.

She is often asked to lecture on menopause management. She also gives menopause talks to ational companies, schools and womens’ groups.



Core Rehab Consultants

Lizzie Duggan and Sarah St John work with women who have core weakness and the common complications that are associated with such a condition; prolapse, stress incontinence and diastasic recti.

'Since starting our journey we have been astounded by the amount of women who have been suffering in silence with some of the issues we deal with, too embarrassed to talk about it. We also noticed that these ladies are very much forgotten about and therefore just get on with it, so to speak. We believe these women desperately need to be heard and shown it's not over and things can be done to help. This is what gets us up every morning trying to spread this message everyday. We genuinely care and want to help you.'

Intuitive coach.png


Intuitive Healer& Mentor

Ceremony brings the sacred into the ordinary, acting as a bridge between the intellect, the soul and the universe. It is a powerful practice to navigate cycles of change and renewal and to amplify intention. 

Liz Butterworth is the founder of Moon Club Inc and a holder of sacred space for women. She is a creative intuitive healer and mentor and she facilitates women's circles, providing the space you to need to reconnect to yourself and to live the life you desire.

'Could we accept our age like we do a fine red wine and see the beauty in growing into the wise woman? I think age needs to be embraced and, if we can heal this part of us then we can open the space for others too'.



Intuitive Business and Mind Coach

Caroline Britton teaches how to put the soul into business. To tap into the source and navigate a path forwards to enable you to serve, help and flourish as an entrepreneur. We are delighted to have her work with our clients on Radiance and The Business of Yoga courses.

'Despite what we have been conditioned to think, midlife can be one of the most wonderful, radiant and impactful times of our life. We know who we are, what we stand for and having navigated so many lunar and menstrual cycles we have connected to both our shadows and our light and unearthed our soul's connection. We know what brings us joy, how powerful our bodies can be and the power of intention. I will be showing you how to tap into your inner world to achieve incredible external results - be that in your body, business, everyday living or relationships'.

Melanie Griffiths.jpg


Dance & Movement Practitioner

Dance and Movement are ways we can express our true selves and heal our fractured parts.  The combination of Melanie's professional dance training, her 'healing myself movement' allows her to support others in their healing process.

"I am passionate about supporting women through midlife as I feel this is a magical time of life when we are given the gift of really being able to step into our greatness".

Stephanie Britain.jpg


Storyteller, Drama & Movement Therapist & Ecotherapist

Stories can offer us callings to discover our creativity, our passions and our instincts. Steph offers stories as an opportunity for women to discover their true and wildish natures.

At a time of life when women's stories can feel stuck or muffled,  the telling and sharing of stories provides us with an opportunity to hear truths that  resonate with us and narratives that offer us new paths to find and explore our own hidden treasures.

Steph Brittain



Administration Assistant

Sarah is the vital support behind the scenes. An islander since 2013, she loves the active life enjoyed here and is an enthusiastic surfer, wild swimmer, cyclist and mother. When she's not organising the team, she'll be found around a campfire amongst the backdrop of friendly chatter.
'I've had the pleasure of experiencing Emma's inspirational yoga and am thrilled to help with the organisation of others yoga experiences.  
I hope to help with any queries you may have.'

Interested in speaking with one of team members? Contact us today.

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