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Longing for Space - our need for quiet

“Silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation.” ― Rumi

Seemingly this is needed. More now than perhaps ever before. Is it a sign of the times, or perhaps a symptom of midlife as we mature spiritually? I have a wonderful sparkly yoga teacher who dreams of a dinner party where all his nearest and dearest friends come together. They dine, they feast, they sit companionably alongside each other, but all have permission not to speak. Increasingly, as I move through my middle age, I crave, I long, I need quiet. Space in my day for silence has become non-negotiable. If needs be I will rise early or hold back late, to ensure that there is time to be, without chatter or without background noise. And sometimes there is meditation, and sometimes there is just SPACE. Room for being as the doing and productivity drops away. Simply being awake to the moment.

Not everyone in my life understands this. Lovingly they might suggest that I might want some company when I take myself on a date to a cafe. Would I not be better served listening to an educational podcast whilst walking the dog? Wouldn’t I prefer to have the telly on whilst ironing? The radio whilst cooking?

Silence is rich with creative potential. It is in the silence that we heal. It is through the practice of silence that we learn the preciousness of Right Speech; so that when we do say something, there is kindness, compassion and integrity.

Each year we create a safe and beautiful space for folk to come and work with mauna (the intentional practice of silence). I support quietude through the tools of meditation, yoga and personal self enquiry. The venue is breathtakingly beautiful, you delight in delicious love infused food and you are given space to enjoy each sweet moment. It is life changing and a vital time to re-boot, re-charge and re-evaluate.

“Everything that’s created comes out of silence. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness.” - Wayne Dyer

If this resonates. If this is talking to your soul, then please take a look at the attached link and consider joining our founder Emma Spencer-Goodier, a yoga elder and senior teacher, on the Isle of Wight this November.

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