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Permission to be Creative

Prioritising you - but which part?

This week the theme we explored together in class was the safety net and support needed to honour your 'creativity'. Who me? Yes you. Creative? Do you identify with being a creative person?

The yoga mat, is a space to honour YOU, to cherish YOU and to serve yourself a healthy slice of self care and love, and with practice, many of us learn to do this well. We love ourselves enough to eat well, to exercise, to take rest, lower stress and most of the folk who have a regular yoga practice get proficient in this aspect of self care.

But, time invested in you through a contemplative method, reveals that there is so much more to you than just the physical, this is the starting point. What does it feel like to honour and give space to all aspects of you. What part of you has been muffled, stifled and pushed to the bottom of the priority list? The explorer, athlete, academic, community member, friend, lover, singer, writer, entrepreneur, artist, dancer, tree hugger, story teller, grandparent, employer, volunteer, ecologists and more. How can we easily honour and cherish all aspects of our soul work, the soul song that trembles to be heard?

I believe it starts with assessing your values, what it is that is fundamentally important to you. Socio-political-religious moral values have been laid down in our consciousness, the thou shalts and nots, the yamas and niamas etc, but what is it, if you just let it, what is it that your soul yearns for you to take seriously, to give time to do and make a priority? And what if you could find a mindset whereby it is EASY for you to do this?

Once you've given this some thought, take one tiny, tiny step towards these goals. Write a friend a letter, restring your guitar, listen to your partner, sit on the beach and breath, paint a stone, tell a story. Honour, and begin to prioritise the forgotten aspects of you. Do this unapologeticially. Do this without a work or family agenda. Do this naked of the hat of mother or father or carer. Do it for you. Shake off the dust.

At Island School of yoga with work with an amazing collective of creative souls. Dance, story telling, arts and crafts and many more.

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