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Ceremony of the Red Moon Passage welcomi
Ceremony of the Red Moon Passage 
Welcoming our Wisdom Years


12 December 

9 am - 12 pm via Zoom or in person on the IOW


For women♀ seeking to celebrate midlife & manifest soulful connection to universal truths.


Hosted by Liz Butterworth & supported by Emma Spencer-Goodier


Ceremony: NOUN

  1. An act or series of acts performed according to a traditional or prescribed form.

  2. The ritual observances and procedures required or performed at grand or formal occasions.


To be part of a ceremony is to partake in a group energetic commitment to celebrate a rite of passage. A formal kind reminder of the capacity of oneness that forms society and holding the power to form a palpable sense of connection. In this aching time of division and rage, the dissolving influence of formal religion and the spaciousness demanded by living during a pandemic, we exist without formal collective reminders of the important waypoints in our lives and years. For ceremony is the collective commitment to observe and revere a transition, with hope and gratitude. A potent collective meditation or prayer as a vehicle for a spiritual renaissance. It’s important because it transforms us at the level of cause. ‘Prayer is a conduit for miracles. It addresses the problems of the world at their source. It changes people at a cellular level.’

(Marianne Williamson)


Are you hungry to step into your wisdom years? To welcome the time of the wise elder. To honour the transition, through the climacteric (menopause) that marks the end of apologising, breaks the chrysalis of conditioning, and makes conscious space for the wise woman to emerge. 


Ceremony brings the sacred into the ordinary, it intentionally opens the portals between the seen and the unseen, the material and the un-manifest, the everyday and the extraordinary.


Are you drawn to feel and honour the cyclical nature of life, yours, the seasons, the universal? To ask for support, cultivate an intentional link with nature, to voice your desire? 


‘By performing ceremonies, change happens. As we call in our inner desires and release our blocks, we are free to step into a new dimension of life where we can feel the unlimited potential of what we can create during our lifetime.’ (Sandra Ingerman)


Join us to honour your transition and the changes you want to manifest, by Zoom or in person (limited places) if you live locally on the Island. Price is £50. Email for booking details. 

What to expect?

A safe feminine space to consider the threshold on which you stand




Shared powerful teachings on the transition through the archetypes of woman, and the potential that menopause holds for relationships and the transformation that is available to ourselves, our partners and our relationships when we approach it consciously with great trust and great love..

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