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Starts October 2021

Do you want to get your life back? When our lives become compromised by our behaviour and habits, when we are not the person that we know we can be, when we know that we are not living our best life, then this courses literally your life line.


It is a profound act of self love to learn to identify, accept and change unhelpful or damaging ways of acting.

Crisis can manifest itself through key events in our lives; times of grief, loss, separation and transition. Crisis might be played out through unhelpful behaviour and damaging habits that perpetuate anxiety, stress, depression and low confidence. Our work is to bring you back to balance, whereby we learn to manage our habits, tendencies and behaviours and cultivate a lifestyle conducive to healing, growth and compassion towards ourself.


Through evidence based treatments (CBT, ACT, DBT CFT and mindfulness), yoga therapeutics, nutritional therapy and gentle exercise you will learn to manage your emotion and endure discomfort as you journey towards mindful self-control and towards living a fuller more pleasurable life.

The course is the culmination of over 120 years of collective experience in the healing somatic arts and talking therapies. It is born from a profound wish to mentor those brave enough to answer their longing for transformation. Emma is joined by Dr. Fiona Kennedy, Helen Lambert and other caring professionals in service to your healing. 


The course includes:


🌿 Therapeutic yoga and somatic release sessions

🌿 Mindfulness meditation practices

🌿 Breathwork and pranayama

🌿 Journalling

🌿 Chanting

🌿 Dance

🌿 Mindful healing craft practices

🌿 Nature & woodland healing practices

🌿 Group Clinical Psychology session x 3

🌿 Direct access to me throughout the programme through Voxer

🌿 Three texts for your reading and discussion during the course

🌿 Nutrition lectures x 2

🌿 Vegetarian lunch, snacks & hot drinks each day on the course

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The programme is run over three non-residential weekends on the Isle of Wight, with additional zoom workshops and lectures presented live and recorded for future viewing. 


9 - 10 October, 6 - 7 November, 27 - 29 November 2021


£1497 - a non-returnable deposit of £499 secures your place with a further two payments of £499 


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Yoga Therapeutics


Clinical Psychologist

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